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Supra C500 Police Approve Key Safe

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As featured in Which? Magazine, the Supra C500 KeySafe has been designed following extensive consultation with users. The security of the C500 is the highest level ever awarded to a key safe in the UK, achieving LPS1175 level 1 accreditation, equal to a front door of the same standard. As a result of this security rating, the product has achieved Police... Read more »

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Supra C500 Police Approve Key Safe
£102.40 + VAT
(£122.88 inc VAT)

As featured in Which? Magazine, the Supra C500 KeySafe has been designed following extensive consultation with users. The security of the C500 is the highest level ever awarded to a key safe in the UK, achieving LPS1175 level 1 accreditation, equal to a front door of the same standard. As a result of this security rating, the product has achieved Police approval through the Secured by Design initiative.


The C500 KeySafe is made of heavy gauge stainless steel and a thick zinc-alloy shell. It has a double wall construction. A stainless plate around the buttons adds additional security and is scratch and fingerprint resistant. The heavy duty locking mechanism uses a long-travel bolt, making it extremely pry-resistant. A clutch mechanism prevents the handle from being forced open. If the C500 is locked and the handle is turned with force, the handle slips and turns easily without opening. Just turn the handle back to the closed position until it clicks to re-latch the handle.


Four heavy-duty masonry screws and a template are included for mounting. For further information about installing the C500 Keysafe click on the installation video below.


This C500 KeySafe has been tested against physical attack and as a result has received LPS1175 Level 1 certification. To maintain the security certification, the C500 KeySafe needs to be mounted on a brick wall with the included masonry screws.


Business applications: home healthcare access and home services, commercial office buildings, remote sites, storage areas, property management, equipment storage, after hours delivery, and alarm or emergency access.

Residential applications: children get home, unattended servicing, spare keys, secure storage for hidden keys, emergency entry and vacation homes.


  • Solid metal construction

  • Easy push button access

  • 4096 possible combination codes

  • Store 5+ keys

  • Weather cover included

  • Mounting hardware included


Main photo of Supra C500 Police Approve Key Safe


Hi guys, my name is Darrel and I'm the head of the tech team here at Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a look at one of our product review videos. The product that we have here today is the Supra C500. It's the police approved key safe.

Now these are starting to get popular all around the country, especially for infirm, older people etcetera, who maybe can't get out and find it difficult to manoeuvre around. And they may have people coming form the National Health or whatever coming in and giving them a hand or looking after them in the mornings and the evenings, and putting them to bed, etcetera. Of course, one of the things they don't want to end up doing is compromising their security etcetera by loads of people having different keys, and people could be changed depending on what organization you have.

So the easiest way around that is to actually put a key safe actually outside on the building somewhere where people can punch in the code and get the key to operate the front door. So the principal is straightforward, and there is a whole host of different manufacturers out there. But Supra, the manufacturer of this one has managed to get its LPS1175 level one accreditations, so loss prevention, council approved product. So let's get it open and let's have a look at it.

First thing you'll feel, well you won't feel it when it's actually fitted on the wall, but this is a weight. It's got a lot of weight to it, and it's got this protective cover that sits over the top of it as you can see there. And what you can do is you program in whichever code that you want it to be, and that there is the clear button, that would allow you then to operate... I've locked it there now, so if I unlock it because there's no code in there at the moment. There's the space that you have that sits in behind it there. And it's got a little hook on there. And it's got four fixing bolts.

Now this is sturdy. This is really, really thick. I don't know whether or not you can actually get in there and look at how thick, by trying to look through one of those holes there. It's got to be a good 4mm thick there. So this is going to take a battering. If somebody tries to get up and starts hitting it with a lump hammer or whatever, this is going to take a significant battering before it was to fail. So there's a lot of security behind there.

The front box, etcetera, a lot of that box there, you can see how wide it all is. There's actually operating the combination chamber inside, if you can have a look inside there you can see where the combination chamber. Now the manufacturers claim that it can take up to about five keys on that hook there, and I would agree with that. I've had a play around with it and yeah, we can get comfortably five keys etcetera in there, no problem at all.

One of the things that makes this key safe, a good level of security, is the fixing bolts that it comes with. Now these particular fixing bolts, they're using torque drivers on the end so you can put a lot of power behind this. And as you can notice here, there's a significantly coarse thread across this. And these here don't require wall bolts of any form to go into the wall. What you would do is you would drill a hole that's the certain size for this, it would say in the installation manual. And then this is hardened so when you drive it in it actually cuts its way through the stone, through the concrete, through your plaster, etcetera, and drives those in. So it's very, very straightforward to fit.

But top tip, you've got to makes sure you get the right measurement of drill bit to make sure that those holes are drilled correctly. And then these will grip. And they will grip. They grip across its complete length. So really, really good security, and it wouldn't surprise me, that's one of the key features as to why this has managed to get LPC approval.

So there you go guys. This is the C500 one, and its police approved. It's a fair weight, and I'm being gentle with it because there's a phenomenal weight here. It's a sturdy piece of kit. Like I say, there's a whole host of them out there, but I'm almost sure that this is the only one that's managed to get police approval. And when you feel it and you get it in the box, and you actually take it out of the box, you'll understand why.

So there you go guys. If there's anything you need to know more about or any more information, pop on and give us a call, use email. We've got live chat on our website, more than willing to chat with you through the working day, no problem at all. Either me or any of the guys on the team. But from me, Darrel, I hope that we've managed to answer a couple of questions on this video and we'd love to see you as a customer. That would be really good. So from me Darrel and all of the LocksOnline team, take care and catch up with you real soon. Bye-bye now.

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