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Rectifiers, Diodes and Fuses

Rectifiers, Diodes and Fuses

Replacement Bridge Rectifiers, Diodes&Fuses

What fuses, diodes or rectifiers do you need?

If you're having problems with the electrics of your access control system, it may be caused by a degraded diode or rectifiers, or a blown fuse.
If you don't know if this is the case, or would like help sourcing the correct replacement, our technical expert Darrel Walters (as seen on the right) can help you!

What is access control? Click here for a complete guide!Email Darrel now for help & advice.

AC to DC Converter Module

AC to DC Converter Module

Alpro Rectifier Module Only for use with product with maximum current load of 1 amp. Enables electric strikes to operate with AC systems. Input volt..

Prices From: £16.21 + VAT

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Asec Bridge Rectifier

Asec Bridge Rectifier

Asec Bridge Rectifier Converts AC supply to DC output. Rated at 30 volts.Semi-conductor-bridge rectifier..

Prices From: £7.47 + VAT

Asec IN4001 Semi-conductor diode

Asec IN4001 Semi-conductor diode

Semi-conductor diode acts as a circuit protection device - allowing current to flow in one direction only. Supplied in a pack of 10. NB: Observe po..

Prices From: £3.41 + VAT

Asec Fuse

Asec Fuse

Asec Replacement glass fast blow fuse. Available in a 50mA and 1.6A versions. Supplied in packs of 10...

Prices From: £4.88 + VAT

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