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Tessi 6460 Oval Bullet Lock

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The Tessi 6460 Available keyed alike in pairs c/w housings and 4 keys total, or bullets only keyed alike, any multiples (choice of 3 different key numbers). Key removable in locked position only. keyed Alike sets the prices listed is for one cylinder Operation Sprung locking pin on top of cylinder barrel is depressed by a turn of the key, allowing... Read more »

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Tessi 6460 90mm NP KA Pair c/w Housing
£41.05 + VAT
(£49.26 inc VAT)
Tessi 6460 90mm NP KA Set 1
£16.56 + VAT
(£19.87 inc VAT)
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The Tessi 6460 Available keyed alike in pairs c/w housings and 4 keys total, or bullets only keyed alike, any multiples (choice of 3 different key numbers). Key removable in locked position only. keyed Alike sets the prices listed is for one cylinder


Sprung locking pin on top of cylinder barrel is depressed by a turn of the key, allowing the bullet to be inserted or withdrawn from the housing.

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Main photo of Tessi 6460 Oval Bullet Lock

Keys Supplied2
Housing Projection43mm
Pin Length47mm
Cylinder finishNickel Plated
Cylinder Diameter20mm x 13mm (Oval)

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Hi guys. My name's Darrell. I'm head of the tech team here on and many thanks for tuning in and looking at one of our
product reviews.

Today we're going to have a look at the Tessi bullet lock. And this is the
actual lock itself.

Now for people who may not be sure or not aware of what the bullet lock is
for; it's for roller shutter doors. You may have seen them on industrial
units where you roller shut, it's rolled up at the top and you pull it down
etc. Sometimes they'll have a padlock inside, or a chain, or something like

Well, the roller shutter actually sits in a glide, in a slide, in a U-frame
on either side. And the idea is that you would fit a mantle, you would weld
a mantle to that frame, drill a hole through the frame, through the actual
roller shutter door and the idea is then that you would slide this into a
capture and rock it into position and it stops the roller shutter door from
being lifted up. So that's the principle of what they're used for.

Now the Tessi one is slightly unique in as much as the housing, which I
have a housing here for a Tessi one. So if you happen to take over a unit
or you go to an industrial unit and they've got roller shutter doors there
and they have this distinctive housing, and it looks quite distinctive,
then the chances are it's a Tessi, is the actual bullet lock that you're

A lot of times you find that the roller shutter has the housings but the
bullet locks have gone missing, and this is the one if the bullet lock
looks like that. So that you would have. These are actually welded on to
the housings.

But the housings are sold as separate units or as sets, and we'll talk
about that in another video. So what we're more interested in concentrating
on at the moment is the actual bullet lock itself.

So make a distinguishing mark as to whether or not you do have a Tessi,
what you'll find is that if you do happen to have a key it will actually
have Tessi written on the key there. And if you can zoom in there that
close for us, Lee, to take it up.

Also, on the Tessi one, there's actually no distinguishing marks here at
all to give you an indication of what the make is. So that's a bit of a
bummer, really.

On the side here you have a number. And invariably that number, if you
happen to have a Tessi bullet lock and you don't have a key for it, that
there is the key number. So you could call us and we can get you a key cut
to that number.

Let's get the vernier gauge out. Let's the calipers out etc, and we'll get
you some measurements on the actual bullet lock so if you're thinking you
need to, you've got the housing there and you want to make doubly sure,
then we'll give you those measurements now.

So we're looking at the body here. The body width here is, I'm getting that
measurement now, is 13 millimeters. The body height there is 19.8
millimeters so probably 20 mil. The blocking body length is 43.7
millimeters. And the actual bolt projection, the actual bolt part itself,
I'll get it right to the end there, that's near its diameter, that's 48
millimeters. 48.2 millimeters. The distance from the front to the start of
that cam, which is quite, that's called in our industry a backset, I'll get
that measurement for you now. And that's 22, 22-1/2 millimeters.

So anyway, they're available in key-like groups. You can get them,
multiples of these all in one key so if you've got loads of roller shutter
doors and you want to lock them unlock them in the morning, then you do
have the chance then of going around and unlocking them.

There's another measurement I'll just get before I go any further and
that's the diameter of the actual bolt itself and that's 12.9, so say 13
millimeters diameter.

So they're available in key-like groups if you want them. So you can have a
key-like section over there and a key-like section over there, or you can
have all of them in key-liking groups.

So may I take this opportunity to thank you. I hope that we've managed to
explain this better than a picture so you've a bit more information to make
a considered opinion as to whether or not this is the roller shutter door
lock for you, or the bullet lock that you're considering.

Thank you very much and take care. And if you want to see us, just

Appreciate your time. Bye-bye now.

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