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Union 8098 Toilet Indicator Bolt

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Union 8098 Indicator Bolt Suitable for wood doors. All you need is to turn the bolt and it'll engage into the strike. No need for additional locks. Bolt Size : 60 x 36 x 6 mm Indicator Size : 55 x 40 x 5 mm Finish : Anodised Silver

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Union 8098 - Indicator Bolt
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Union 8098 Indicator Bolt Suitable for wood doors. All you need is to turn the bolt and it'll engage into the strike. No need for additional locks.

Bolt Size : 60 x 36 x 6 mm

Indicator Size : 55 x 40 x 5 mm

Finish : Anodised Silver

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Body Thickness6mm
Indicator Size55mm x 40mm x 5mm
Padlock Body Height36mm
Body Width60mm

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Hi guys. My name is Darrel. I'm head of the tech team here at and today we're doing product reviews, and more importantly, we're doing a product review on the Union Privacy Door Lock, the J8098 that's available on our our website. So without further ado, let's get it out. I've got it out of the box and I've got it all laid out here.

So let's go through all the individual items so you know what's in the box and we'll give you a bit of advice on how to fit it and how it actually works. So this is the part that you would see on the outside. I'll put it up the right way. And of course, as you turn this now, you can see that it goes from white to red. And the idea is that when, obviously when you draw the bolt across, it will go red to tell the people that the toilet is engaged, and then when you turn it that way, when you open the door, then it goes white to say that the toilet is vacant.

Now, what you'll see as well, is that you'll see a little, like a screwdriver slot here and that allows you that, should somebody collapse in a toilet or in a bathroom or something like that, that at least then you would have the ability with a screwdriver or perhaps you might get a 1 penny piece in there, you will be able to undo the lock from the outside in the event of an emergency.

Now, this is built out of aluminium, and as always with Union, the quality is here, all right? There's a good solid quality. I know it's satin oxidised aluminium and there's other expensive materials in the market, but this really does do the job and it does the job really well. It's a lovely finish and you can see there, look just how thick that is there on the side, the oozing quality.

So, that's the indicator, that's what you would actually see on the outside. It comes with a set of fixing kits there and it also comes then with this spindle that you see in there as well. And that's the spindle that connects the indicator, which is on the front, with the back of the lock, which is here. So and obviously then some fixing screws.

So let's have a look at the actual lock itself here. Now, as you can see here, you can turn this whichever way. It can be that way or it can be that way. It's entirely up to you as to which way you want it to be fitted on your door. And the operation is simple and you just, lift, pull it back like or push it forward.

Now, to be honest, there's a lot, there's a lot of meat here, so if you're looking at some public sort of toilets, the chances are you could get away with this nice, the motion is nice. There's no clunkiness, there's no distortion here at all. It really, really is smooth in its operation. And when you actually push that backwards and forwards, if you can zoom in there onto the cam, every time I'm pushing that back and forward, you see there's a cog there and it's actually turning that gear, which in turn then would turn the indicator on the other side of the door.

So I'll get some measurements for you, very quickly, just in case you think, "Would this fit on our door?" We'll soon find out and we'll let you know. So, first you get the tape ruler.

The back set now guys, that's the one of probably one of the most critical measurements, is where is that indicator going to fit in relationship to the leading edge of the door. This is assuming the leading edge of the door here and this is what we call a back set. So it's from the centre there to there. So if I get that measurement for you, we're comfortable there at 40 millimetres. So from the leading edge back, this indicator here, the centre piece there will set 40 millimetres, okay, away from the leading edge of the door.

So that's quite important if the door's opening up against a door stop because it depends on the thickness of the door stop. So if that was being displayed on the front there like that, or like that — it's entirely up to you how would display it — then that there is 20 to the centre there, I'm kind of guessing there, it's 25, 26, 26, 27 millimetres. So from the centre there to there is 27 millimetres, so that gives you then somewhere round about 13 millimetres of door stop. So it's not going to intrude on a door stop cause most toilet doors, they open inwards, so you should have a door stop there.

It comes as well with its own keep. This you'd screw onto the frame, and obviously that would then sit in there like that, nice and tidy. So you close the door, push the bolt over and that's going to sit in the frame there, no problem at all.

I'll give you some quick overall measurements there. The overall measurement there is 70 millimetres from there to there and the width there is 35, 36 millimetres, 35 millimetres from there to there.

So there you go guys, this is the J8098, available at along with a whole host of different sort of privacy locks. Quality-wise, yeah I'm thumbs up for this one. It's a Union product. It's made with a degree of quality behind it. So if you're looking for a decent privacy lock and your budget allows, then maybe this is the guy for you.

In the meantime, if there any more advice or any information that you need, listen, pop us over a call. Use the email, we love emails. We've got live chat on our website, so we can talk to you at any time that you want. And that's, you know, what more can I say, we'd love to see you as a customer and that's the best part for us.

From me, Darrel, and all of us here at the tech team and all the sales staff, appreciate your time, thank you and chat up with you real soon. Take care. Bye-bye now.

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