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Union Codehandle Keypad Door Handle

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  • Brand: UNION
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Union Code Handle Lever furniture with integral digital keypad providing simple, effective access control. For simple, effective key-less locking/unlocking of interior doors in all light commercial and residential environments where the convenience of access control is the main priority. Easy and convenientFor simple, effective key-less locking/unlocking... Read more »

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Codehandle set - right hand
£301.13 + VAT
£286.07 + VAT
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Codehandle set - left hand
£301.13 + VAT
£286.07 + VAT
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Union Code Handle Lever furniture with integral digital keypad providing simple, effective access control. For simple, effective key-less locking/unlocking of interior doors in all light commercial and residential environments where the convenience of access control is the main priority.

Easy and convenient

For simple, effective key-less locking/unlocking of interior doors in all light commercial and residential environments where the convenience of access control is the main priority.

The UNION Codehandle is the ideal solution for most restricted access areas, private offices, storerooms, cupboards, etc.

Attractive design and easy to fit

In aesthetic environments Codehandle is a more attractive, compact option to bulky keypads. Further, it is so easy to fit - no wires, cables, drilling or special fitting is required.


  • 9 user codes and 1 master code - can be changed unlimitedly
  • 2no. CR2, 3V lithium batteries
  • Entering an incorrect code 5 times blocks handle for 3 minutes
  • Manual or automatic locking
  • Low battery indicator
  • Visual and acoustic feedback

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Main photo of Union Codehandle Keypad Door Handle

Union Codehandle Keypad Door Handle

FinishStainless Steel
Depth69mm (Including Rose)
Door thickness42mm - 80mm
Guarantee2 Years
WidthHandle 140mm
HeightRose 54mm & Handle 21mm

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Hi and welcome to LocksOnline product review. Every so often in our
industry we find certain manufacturers coming up with some really ingenious
ideas and I have to say Union have done us proud with this particular model
that we have here. They've actually integrated an access control solution
into a pair of handles.

If we were to take it out we can get a bit of a close-up on the actual part
that's got the combination and as you can see, we've got 1, 2, 3, 4,
numbers, and a little key lock unit there as well. We can program any
number of four, five, or six digits in length and you can actually have up
to nine different codes in this keypad.

What happens is it locks the operation of the handle. In the standard
format this is free, so if you try to operate the handle, of course, this
wouldn't move because it's just spinning freely. The very minute that you
put a code in, for example, if I set if it just right we did play around
with it earlier and we put a code into it of 334433. That's now locked. As
you can see it's now operating the actual cam.

We've programmed it so after a predetermined length of time it will
actually disengage. You can program it so you have to disengage it by
pressing the button like that. It's now disengaged. You've got two options
there, you can either program it where after a couple of seconds, it will
disengage or you can program it where when you enter your code it stays in
the open position until such time as the button is pressed to lock the door
again. It sort of gives you, like, passage access.

What's quite unique about this particular locking handle, for want of a
better word, we're going to use, the batteries are actually kept in the
actual handle itself. Which we thought was really neat and if we use the
security screw that you see here and take the top off there, like that. We
are able to then slide the batteries out, like that.

There are actually two of those batteries. They are CR2's there and they're
actually three volts each. Union suggests that the batteries should last
for normal use something in the region of a couple of years. The little LED
display there will indicate that when the batteries are starting to get
low, that will start flashing red every time you enter your code to use the

It's actually not classed for external use so I wouldn't recommend fitting
these to external doors, but office doors or bedroom doors for any doors
where you think, "Well we can just swap the handles over. We don't need to
put another combination lock, we want passive security. We don't want every
Tom, Dick and Harry just walking in free". Well you can actually secure it
and use a code in which to gain access.

What we're going to do now is I'm going to reset it and I'm going to go
through the programming features of how to program it, and how to enter the
codes. Thank you.

When you get these handles for the first time what is needed is an
administration code. You'll need to program in the administration code to
allow you to program in the user's codes. The administration code allows
you to also change the functions that this particular type of access
control handle has.

What we need to do to put in the administration code is what we would do
first of all, is we would need to tilt the handle down like that and at the
same time press one and four together. What will happen is the little LED
there will start flashing and when you let go, it will turn red (inaudible
04:16) turn green. It is asking then for the six digit administration code.
That's what I'm going to do now. I'm going to put in the administration
code from scratch.

Here I am pressing one and four together, it's gone green, it's accepted
the code. Now the administration code is now 223344. That's how you enter
and program in your administration code.

Hi and welcome back to Here we have the union
combination locking handle. We're going to show you how easy it is to add
the user code with this particular type of lock.

We need to press and hold the lock button until the red LED comes on. We
would then use the administration code that we programmed into it
initially, then what we need to do is tell the device what user number were
going to enter in. That's the user number one or user number two or user
number three. In this particular case we're going to program in user number

If you wanted to program user number one what you would do is you would
press one, once. If you want to program user two, you press one, twice.
Three, is one, three times, for four and so on, five and six all the way up
to nine.

Once you press the one, the user that you want to change the code for, the
next thing you do is enter in the six digit code for that particular
person. I'm going to go through that function now. See how simple it is to
program the code in.

What we're going to do, we're going to hold the button. Now it's gone red,
put in the code, then enter one. Then the code I'm going to put in for one
is three twice, four twice, three twice, green lights flashed, that's it.
We've now entered the code. Press the lock button to come out of the
programming and there you go. We've now entered our first code, number one,
and it's going to be 334433.

Now, if we take the handle, as you can see, this is free spinning. If I was
to now enter in the code of 334433, that's now locked which now allows me
to operate.

To unlock it, because we haven't programmed it what we would do is what
we'll press the lock button and now becomes free access. In other words the
handle won't operate the latch.

That's how we enter codes and that's how we use it with the function of
whether we would have to unlock it or stop it from working by pressing the
lock button.

Hi and welcome back to Here we are again with the
Union combination locking handle. We've already programmed in a user code
which is double three, double four, double three. At this moment in time to
get it to secure the door after we've entered the code and we've come
through the door, what we would need to do is we need to press that button,
but the system has the ability where you don't have to press that button to
lock the door again.

What you can do is allow the system after a couple of seconds to lock
automatically. What I'm going to do now, is to show you guys how to program
the device, so therefore then we can get it to be auto locking after you've
entered the code.

What we need to do is we need to press the lock button and we need to hold
it. There you go, it's gone. red, enter our master number 223344, and it's
gone to green, and if we press three, that has now changed the function. If
we pressed three again, it changes the tone it's now back to manual lock,
press the function again, different tone, it is now in auto lock.

Press the lock button to come back out of the function, out of the
programming. Now if I enter the code, which is 334433, that's locked, but
in a couple of seconds later it's now unlocked, or it's locked whatever way
you want to look at it. It's quite perplexing sometimes because it's doing
the opposite of what you're wanting it to do. Again, I'll try that for you
it's 334433 it's now locked, the handle will work, and now it's freely
released again. All right, thank you., and we're by this door here that we're actually
going to swap these handles for this door to show how easy and how this
lock actually works. We're going to fit these combination handles now on to
this door. We've already taken off the handles. What's important here is,
if you can zoom right into there for us, Gavin. You'll see there's two
little flat pieces there on the cam.

You'll see there's a little cam projection. This needs to be sitting like
that with the two little horizontal pieces set to each other, not like that
but like that, because that's how the solenoid mechanism works inside
engaging this particular part of the cam.

What we need to do now is we need to pop that in there, making sure that
horizontal. That's nice and tidy there. We then put our handle on the other
side like that, and will use our temporary screws. We screw into the
outside handle, like so. Put this one in here.

In the meantime whilst I'm screwing this up, I thought myself what other
possible uses there are, hotel rooms, because it's so easy to change the
codes, you could actually in small guesthouses, hotel rooms, etc. You could
actually use these for security and to which case you don't need actually
give people keys. You could just give them the code to the actual door.

There you go now, we've actually set this all up the standard rules that
come with these are quite long. They'll accept a relatively thick door,
well over 15, maybe, 16 mil even. You got quite a good choice in regards to
the type of thickness of doors that you can have.

Now that the actual locking handle is actually situated on the door you'll
find that this side works well as it should do. This is going out. This is
the safe side, leaving, works well no problem at all. We fitted this side
of the handle. This is now the secure side and of course, as you can see
the latch isn't working when we operate the handle.

If we enter it in the code that we programmed earlier and be mindful that
we programmed the device to release after predetermined time, what we need
to do is enter the code, which is 334433, and there you go that's allowed
us now to enter the property.

Let go and she will now automatically release. There you go and now it's
released. It allows you in, and there you go, how simple is that? So
334433, in we go, couple of seconds later, we have free access, that's it.

The Union Locking Handle, available on Again sometimes
the manufacturers come up with inspirational ideas. I have to say this is
one of the inspirational ideas of 2011. We're please to be able to support
Union on this product on our website. Of course you can buy them yourselves
on Thank you for watching.

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