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ASEC Securistay Window Restrictor - Metal

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ASEC Securistay Window Restrictor, this is the metal window version of the securistay. It's suitable for hinged and pivot windows and can only be disconnected when the window is closed. Supplied c/w fixing screws

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ASEC Securistay Window Restrictor - Metal ~~
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ASEC Securistay Window Restrictor, this is the metal window version of the securistay. It's suitable for hinged and pivot windows and can only be disconnected when the window is closed. Supplied c/w fixing screws


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Type Of WindowMetal

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Hi, guys. My name's Darrel. I'm head of the tech team here at, and today what we've got in front of us is the Asec window restrictor stroke lock that's designed for casement windows. So, this is the packaging that it comes in and this is the actual device here.

Now, there's quite a few different manufacturers. This is the Asec one. There's a few different manufacturers with exactly the same sort of principle in how it actually works.

So, the way you would set this up is that this would normally be screwed onto the frame and this, then, you can allow to slide backwards and forwards, as you can see. If this was actually fitted, then, on the window, it would allow you to open your window that amount. And if you only wanted to open it a little bit, you could open it only just a little bit, like that. Okay? So, you decide as to how far you want to go.

Now, you can't lock it in any of these positions. It's just the weight of the device will actually keep it in that position. So, what it does mean, however, is that if you wanted to open it to the maximum or using it as a childproof lock, it's only going to ever open up as far as that distance will allow. Okay? So, what's that, about maybe three or four inches? So that's about as much as you're going to allow it.

This particular part here is the part that actually gets screwed, then, actually onto the casement itself. And inside here is the actual locking assembly. Now, if I was to move that there, then you come with this key, and this key, then, you can alter that. That allows you to put that into position there like that. So you can imagine now that that is where that's now opening your window. This is your casement here. This is your window, and it will open as far as that will allow.

Now as it stands at this moment in time, I can just pull that out and open it. But if I was to use the key that comes with it, and if I was to turn it around there and pop that in its opposing angle there like that, I've now locked that into position. So the most that that's ever going to go now, guys, is it's going to be that amount, and then that's it. That's is much as it's going to go.

Now, the way you can see this, there's multiple different permutations that you can fit this onto a window. So whereas I'm saying, "This goes on the frame and this goes on the casement" you can actually alter it to go that this is on the frame and this is on the casement, whichever way suits your particular application. You could, if you wanted to, sit it that way. But then you wouldn't have the weight then, as the maximum it will pull open is that. So there's a myriad of different permutations in which you can fit this.

The two basic underlying principles of this particular window lock is that, A, you can open it to have a bit of ventilation; B, you can use it for childproof applications, where it would stay open at a certain position to stop a child getting out, and of course you've got the security, where, if you wanted to, you can close it all the way, use your standard window locks. If somebody was to try and force it, the maximum it's going to ever open is the distance that that is there. So these are starting to get quite popular, A, for childproof and, B, then, obviously for a bit of ventilation.

This is the Asec one. It comes with a key. It comes with some packings assembly pieces, as well. Guys, depending on your casement window, then you would use the packings that are indicative which will suit your window more importantly than any other one.

One thing you will notice, however, is that it doesn't come with any fixing screws. A lot of manufacturers these days are not providing fixing screws in with their kits. Purely and simply, it's because, again, there's a myriad of different types of windows in regards to their make. There's wood, uPVC, and steel, aluminium. So, to actually fill the whole thing full of various different fixing screws would become a bit of nightmare. Of course, it ups the prices, as well.

So there you go, guys. That's the Asec window restrictor, available now from If there's any information that you need other than what I've just already mentioned, pick up the phone, call us, email us. We've got live chat on our website. Either way, we'd love to hear from you, and more importantly, we'd love to see you as a customer. So from me, Darrel, many thanks for taking your time, and catch up with you real soon. Cheerio, bye-bye.

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