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Banham W108 Casement Window Lock

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Banham W108 Window Lock for Metal Windows. This lock is fitted under the handle and flush to the frame by steel screws, the heads being covered when the window is closed. Keys supplied seperatly. Operation Fitted to the frame beneath the cockspur to prevent movement. Hinged bolt pushes over into locked position and its released by use of the key.... Read more »

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Banham W108 Window Lock for Metal Windows. This lock is fitted under the handle and flush to the frame by steel screws, the heads being covered when the window is closed.

Keys supplied seperatly.


Fitted to the frame beneath the cockspur to prevent movement. Hinged bolt pushes over into locked position and its released by use of the key. Suitable for most metal casement windows, Not reversible, hand must stated when ordering, supplied c/w fixing screws.


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Type Of WindowWood and Metal
Type Of WindowMetal
Case Depth12mm
Body Depth12mm
Body Height75mm
Body Width19mm

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Hi guys, my name is Darrel, and I am head of the tech team at Thanks for taking sometime to tune in and have a look at one of our review videos.

Today we are talking about the old-style metal windows, the old Crittall windows that are, believe it or not, starting to come in a bit more of fashion these days and is a top seller for when we are trying to find security product to secure the old-style Crittall windows. Obviously these were back in the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s all the way up to probably late 70s, Crittall was manufacturing windows in the UK, the old steel-type ones.

This particular product here is the Banham window lock that is designed to stop the cockspur handle from moving on a Crittall window. It basically puts a little cam in the way of the handle, stops the handle turning up and down. If I was to...I don't know if you can zoom in close enough there, but at least it gives an indication there as to how this unit works.

It sits underneath the handle, and basically you flip it and it stops the handle then moving. You need a key then to take it out of the way. On the back of this little slip that comes with it as well is the fitting instructions. But I will go through those a little more in a bit more detail in a second when we get the actual lock up and have a look at it in a bit more detail.

This is the type of lock. Now they are handed, okay? So this one is the right hand as it's got an R stamped in there, all right. But you can obviously get them left-hand depending on which way the window opens. It is quite simple, you get two screws on the back there, you unscrew those, you would use this brass plate that you see there as a template. You would then mark up the holes, drill the holes, countersink them on the back end and physically screw these then through, and this thing clamps on to the window frame. So that is the basic principle of how it all works.

Then what basically happens is . . . it is in the lock position at the moment. Let me just unlock it slightly. There you go, it is in the unlock position there. If you can imagine your handle is here, and if I want to stop the handle from moving, I just simply push it over like that, and now the handle won't drop down. So you need to measure out exactly where this is going to sit for your particular type of application.

One thing you need to bear in mind is they do not come with keys. For whatever reason Banham decided that you buy the lock, and all the keys are the same, so then you would need to turn around and decide on how many keys you would want to fit. If you got half a dozen of these, then you might need one or two of the keys. So that is the way Banham decided to do that.

The principle is that this would sit on the plate where your cockspur handle goes. You drill two holes through. You can use these little washers here; you may not need to. You countersink it and it then clamps down to the steel frame.

Let me get some measurements here, so that if you thinking . . . I really like this. The engineering of these is absolutely spot on; and if you think that this is what you are looking for with the degree and pedigree that Banham gives, let's get a few measurements to make sure.

The actual width of the actual lock itself is around 18 millimetres, just a smidgeon over the 18 millimetres, which means that our fixing centres there are obviously going to be about 9 millimetres. The fixing centres in the vertical if I can just get that there, I'm talking about 38- to 39-millimetre centres there.

Now the thickness of these, these can come out quite a lot. They're quite stiff because obviously they're machined. If I just pop that in there, give it a couple of turns there, so we're looking then we can easily screw up to something in the region of 6 millimetres thick there. The overall length of the device from the top to the bottom, I am getting there about 76 millimetres from the top to the bottom there.

So there you go. They are available on our website. They are the W108. They are the Banham metal window lock available on our website.

But listen, if you need a little more of information, if I haven't mentioned or I mentioned it, make sure they are handed. You need to make sure if you are left hand or whether or not you are right hand. Don't look at the video because everything is opposite. Have a look at the chart. We'll pop a chart on the page and then you'll be able to know how the handing works.

But if you need a bit more of information, and you want a bit more of advice on this lock or any of the window locks and the Crittall-type window lock that are available, by all means pop us over an email. Use the live chat on our website that is the only way you can speak to me or any of our guys. More importantly for us, we'd love to see you as a customer. That would be really good for us. From me, Darrel, and all of us here on LocksOnline team, thanks for tuning in. We'll catch up with you real soon. Bye-bye now.

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