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Yale 8K120 Auto Locking Snap Window Lock

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Yale 8K120 Window Lock is surface fitted to the fixed frame and is automatically locked on closing the window.Window and locking plate are released by key. Suitable for hinged timber casement windows

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Yale 8K120 Auto Locking Snap Window Lock White
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Yale 8K120 Window Lock is surface fitted to the fixed frame and is automatically locked on closing the window.Window and locking plate are released by key. Suitable for hinged timber casement windows


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Type Of WindowWooden

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Hi guys my name is Darrel, head of the tech team here at
And today we're doing some product reviews, and more importantly we're
doing the product review on a Chubb 8k120 case window lock.

So this is the actual 8k120 window lock. I've got all the parts here on
the table here, so we can go through them independently and individually to
see whether or not this is particularly suitable for you. To left of me,
I've got a window that our local carpenter has allowed us to borrow so we
could actually try to explain to you how these actual locks fitted on a
casement window.

So let's have a look at the individual products. So what you have as
standard, this is the actual lock. This would fit of the actual casement
itself, and that will screw down into the frame and I will explain, show it
on the window in a short while. This is the actual keep, and it will sit on
the actual window itself. This is the part that'll be on the window that's
on this particular case is a fan light but it can also be sitting on the
side if your window is hinged on the left or the right as well. It also has
this little bit of a shaper here that's designed if you have a champer to
your casement and this particular window I have to my left does have a
champer in which case I would be using those. It comes standard with the
screw fixings and also comes with little nodules then that once you've
screwed it in, you can fit these in there to tidy up your holes.

Now it also comes with a key as standard, and you would use this key then
in which to operate this lock and open it backwards and forwards and so
forth. One of the distinct advantages of this particular type of lock is
that it is actually auto locking. So when you go to lock it, and you push
it in like that, it actually, which would be the case if you were closing
the casement, now that is actually physically locked in place. So you don't
need a key in which to lock it. As soon as you close your window, poof,
you're going to get locked in a tree. And then of course, you would need
the key then, in which to operate the lock and open it , and therefore you
can open it like that. So what goes where.

This is the actual key and this would fit then somewhere like here, on the
window itself there like that. And if you can zoom in there for us. And
that would fit on there like that, so that will be screwed on there. And
the actual lock itself then would sit on the actual frame here. Now if
you'll notice, we've got a bit of a champer on ours, so again, we would use
this little bit of frame here to make sure our lock sits horizontal,
perpendicular to the actual window opening itself. So that's what that
little keep is for. That little part will sit on there to take that champer
out. Now if we get some measurements for you, and then you can see if this
particular lock will suit your particular window or your casement window.
So I look here at the width, we've got a width of 38 mm.

We've got a height there of 20.89 mm, 20 mm and we've got a depth there of
19 mm. Now the distance from where this was fitted from this, because this
is quite an important measurement, if those are fitted together like that,
what we need to know is the measurement from the plate there to that screw
hole is to make sure you've got enough meat in your window. So let's get
that measurement for you there, give or take a smidgen of that, you've got
23 mm. So what that means in English is that you need at least 30 mm off
the frame there to allow the screws down into the frame. If you've got
quite a narrow frame there, maybe this isn't the lock for you.

So this is quite an important measurement for you. What can I say? It comes
standard with a key, the key a universal, so if you has a range of these on
a load of different windows, then you can at least have the same key that
fits them all.

So this is the 8k120 Chubb window lock. It's available at
so if you're thinking of this one as the choice for you, feel free to pop
online and buy from us. I appreciate your time and thank you very much and
come back and visit us real soon. Take care now, bye-bye.

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