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Excellent service with updates as expected

- Tony Langford

17th Apr 2015

Excellent personal service: came up with a lock with exactly the right dimensions for a perfect replacement for an existing lock for which we were having difficulty getting keys cut. So I was able to fit it without adjustments to the door.

- Chris Savage

17th Apr 2015

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Door Hold Open Devices



Now Only:
135.58 + VAT

Dorgard Product information...

Dorgard is suitable for normal environments, e.g. offices, care homes and hotels that have an automatic fire detection system installed.

Dorgard X

Dorgard X

Now Only:
346.81 + VAT

Dorgard X Product information...

Dorgard X incorporates the very latest radio technology making it suitable for very noisy environments, e.g. bars, restaurants and public areas that have an automatic fire detection system installed.

Deafgard Series (wire-free solution)

Deafgard Series (wire-free solution)

Now Only:
236.47 + VAT

Deafgard Series (wire-free solution) Product information...

Deaf and hard of hearing people are in danger of not hearing the fire alarm. Deafgard is the safe, legal and cost-effective solution.

Asec Hold Open Magnets

Asec Hold Open Magnets

Now Only:
66.04 + VAT

Asec Hold Open Magnets Product information...

ASEC Hold Open Magnets controlled by the buildings fire detector/alarm system they will release the door when : 1) The alarm is activated. 2) There is a power failure or any other interruption of the electro magnet power ...

Wall surface or floor surface fitting

Briton 533 Door Hold Open Devices

Briton 533 Door Hold Open Devices

Now Only:
198.32 + VAT

Briton 533 Door Hold Open Devices Product information...

Hold Open Electro Magnet.

There are 5 products available in Door Hold Open Devices.

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