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Backset: 44mm, 56mm
Forend Length: 134mm
Forend Width: 26mm
Case Depth: 64mm, 76mm
Case Height: 89mm
Keys: 2
Finish: Polished Brass , Satin Chrome

Era High Security Fortress (BS3621) Dead Lock

The Era high security insurance approved Fortress deadlock is an extremely robust and affordable BS3621 deadlock. Case sizes available with this model include 64mm and 76mm.

We provide addition options with rebate kits for this model in our extra's section. This deadlock also comes with 2 keys supplied as standard, although extensive keying alike options are available from LocksOnline. This model can also be keyed alike with Era Fortress Sash Locks and are completed by us on site. ... [more info]

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L14765 64 mm Dead Lock Brass Finish
Was 26.05 + VAT
Now 16.74 + VAT

(20.09 Including Vat)

L14766 64 mm Dead Lock Satin Chrome Finish
Was 26.05 + VAT
Now 16.74 + VAT

(20.09 Including Vat)

L14770 76 mm Dead Lock Satin Chrome Finish
Was 26.05 + VAT
Now 16.74 + VAT

(20.09 Including Vat)

L14769 76 mm Dead Lock Brass Finish
Was 26.05 + VAT
Now 16.74 + VAT

(20.09 Including Vat)

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Excellent service
David.S. - 22nd Nov 2015
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Era is a UK based company that has been in business for 150 years, The only reason they are able to still enjoy continued custom for this amount of time is due to their extremely high standards and affordable security products such this Era high security fortress. This dead lock also complies with the BS3621 British standards, making it insurance rated and therefore suitable for wooden front and back doors.

  • Dead Lock
  • BS3621 Insurance Rated
  • 5 Lever
  • Rebate Kits Available
  • Suitable for wooden front or back main exit doors
  • Can be Keyed alike with ERA high security Sash lock
  • 2 Keys Supplied
  • UK Manufactured by ERA

  • *If Keyed Alike option is selected. A Total of 2 keys supplied with any keyed alike set, regardless of how many locks are ordered *


    Hi, guys. My name's Darrel, I'm head of the Tech Team here at LocksOnline.co.uk and thanks for tuning in to our YouTube videos, looking at our product reviews. Today, I've got the Era Fortress Deadlock for us to have a look at. So, let's get it out of the bag here, directly in front of us and let's have a look at the product in a bit more detail.

    So, here is the actual lock case itself. It comes standard. This is a British Standard BS3621 lock case. Some of the qualifiers that are required to achieve that British Standard is that you will see here there's a raised plate and this raised plate here means, that it's an anti drill plate to stop people or resisting the attack for somebody to try and drill the lock out, so that's a requisite of the British Standard 361; so, that's quite important.

    What you also notice here, as well, is you've got a little bit of a silver finish there with a key raise and that's what we call in the industry, a curtain. It's a lever curtain that's designed to stop your trying to attack the levers from manipulation from inside. So, those are some of the requisites. Another requisite as well of having a British Standard is you need to have at least, let me just put that to one side here, you need to have the 22 millimeter bolt thrown. This is the actual new British Standard for that particular bolt throw.

    What you'll also notice as well is that there's some black and there's some silver lines here and what you've got is you've got some anti saw metal which is a much harder metal there to actually reduce the effects of trying to hacksaw down through the bolt in which to try and open the lock. So, those are the basic requisite standards that are required for the lock to have BS3621.

    Now, this particular lock comes in two different case sizes. The one I have here in front of me is three inches. So, in other words from there to there is actually three inches, but they do come in a smaller one which is two and a half inches which means that this key only moves half an inch back that way because everything is compressed a little bit more. They come in quite a few different ranges and finishes. [Inaudible 00:02:07] they've done well in regards to the finishes.

    This particular one here is sporting the stainless steel lock and as you notice there if you zoom in there, you can see the British Standard kite mark on the face plate which is quite important in the UK at least. There are four finishes. They're available in stainless steel. They're available in a brass. They're available in a satin brass. They're also available in polished chrome.

    One thing you will find with this particular type of lock is that the keeps are all the same. So, it doesn't matter if whatever finish you have, the keeps are this dull silver color here. This is what we call in the industry, a full body keep; so, in other words, you've got a lot of strength and all built into the back here, as well to assist with the attack on this particular type of lock.

    It comes with a, if I open this up we'll have a look inside here, it comes with standard with your fixing screws which are pretty standard and of course this would be in stainless steel. These are stainless steel and the outside one as you can see there has got the little weather, little flap that goes over to stop the wind and all blustering through on a cold winter's night, so to speak.

    So, yeah, I mean, these particular range of locks from Era; I mean, they're incredibly good value for money; I got to say, they're very, very popular with us on Locks Online. One thing we can do, as well, just for your information, is we can key these locks like this. The Era Fortress range does a range of deadlocks, but this is the deadlock.

    They also do a range of sash locks as well which you can see other videos on the sash lock and we can key them all alike. So, you might want to put a sash lock half way up the door and then put a deadlock further down the door to give yourself a little bit more security when, instead of having just a separate key for each one, we can key them alike for you; so one key will fit the two locks on the door. So, you got a little bit of that added value there should that really be what you want to look for.

    So, there you go. What can I say? The Era Fortress range of lock cases available at LocksOnline.co.uk; So, I hope this little video will give you a little bit more information about this product to make a considered purchase and yeah, great. Appreciate your time and come back and visit us real soon, falling out. Cheers. Bye, bye.

    64 mm Dead Lock Brass Finish Size chart
    Product Reference Case Depth (A) Backset (B) Case Height (C) Centres Forend Length (D) Forend Width (E)
    L14765 64mm 44mm 89mm n/a 134mm 26mm
    L14766 64mm 44mm 89mm n/a 134mm 26mm
    L14770 76mm 56mm 89mm n/a 134mm 26mm
    L14769 76mm 56mm 89mm n/a 134mm 26mm
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    Customer Reviews (4)

    Average review: 5.0 out of 5 stars (5.0 out of 5 stars from 4 reviews)

    Reviews for Era High Security Fortress (BS3621) Dead Lock:

    Era High Security Fortress (BS3621) Dead Lock: ERA Fortress deadlock


    Date Reviewed:

    5 out of 5 stars (5 out of 5 stars)


    Era High Security Fortress (BS3621) Dead Lock: ERA FORTRESS DEADLOCK 261-31PB 64MM BS 04 B(L14765)


    Date Reviewed:

    5 out of 5 stars (5 out of 5 stars)

    A good sturdy lock ,solidly built and easy to fit.

    Era High Security Fortress (BS3621) Dead Lock: Keyed Alike


    Date Reviewed:

    4 out of 5 stars (4 out of 5 stars)

    Locks are good quality and were easy to fit

    Era High Security Fortress (BS3621) Dead Lock: New Deadlock


    Date Reviewed:

    5 out of 5 stars (5 out of 5 stars)

    Fabulous new lock - our front door now conforms to the British Standard. Very easy to swap out with the old one. Great customer service. A little sticky on first use but has quickly settled down.

    Customer Questions

    Ask a question about the Era High Security Fortress (BS3621) Dead Lock:

    Bill asked: "I have a Yale dead lock 76 deep x 70 drop 18 thick 143 front plate
    Lic no km21358 1998
    Bs 3621 lost keys do you do the same size

    LocksOnline said: "Hi Bill,

    We don't have anything to that exact spec I'm afraid, in fact the few we do have with that sized forend length are much larger locks than you have (over 80mm case height)

    In fact I cannot find anything to that size even looking at the Yale brochure. The closest they do is 76 x 87, nothing even close to 76 x 70..

    If there's been no mistake with your measurements then you may have to consider a more modern size lock which will either require modification to the door (which would allow us to match the length of the faceplate), or have a shorter faceplate (which would allow us to use a smaller lock in the existing cut-out in the door).

    Hope this helps either way.

    Many thanks,

    04/08/2015 16:53:38

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