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Backset: 56mm
Forend Length: 134mm
Forend Width: 26mm
Case Depth: 76mm
Case Height: 89mm
Keys: 2
Conforms to Standard: BS8621
Finish: Satin Chrome

Era British Standard BS8621 Euro Escape Dead Locks

Era British Standard BS8621 Dead Locks comes complete with a thumbturn cylinder, allowing keyless exit in the event fire, this is especially relevant for entrance doors in multi-residential and other buildings. A keyless lever on the inside of the door ensures its possible to make an emergency escape in the event of a fire.... [more info]

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L16592 Era British Standard BS8621 Euro Dead Locks Satin Finish 76mm

£54.37 + VAT
(£65.24 Including VAT)

L16591 Era British Standard BS8621 Euro Dead Locks Brass Finish 76mm

£54.37 + VAT
(£65.24 Including VAT)

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Excellent service
David.S. - 22nd Nov 2015
4.5 out of 5 stars
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ERA BS8621 Dead Lock LocksOnline Review

Hi guys. My name's Darrel. I'm head of the tech team here at locksonline.co.uk. And today we're going to have a look at some product reviews of some products. And the one I've got here in front of me at this moment in time is the new British standard. The British standard 8621, British standard sash lock was designed for your external doors and wooden doors.

Now a lot of people are not that familiar with the British standard 8621. Everybody's heard about the 3621, but not many people have heard about the 8621. And the difference between the two is that this particular type of lock has been designed to allow you to get out of your building by using a thumb turn. As opposed to having to have to use a key in which to get out. So if you're using these on a fire escape or you want to get out, et cetera in event of an emergency, you don't need a key in which to get out. There's a thumb turn that allows you to unlock a door and out you go.

So they have a lot of uses. And if you can have a chat with your insurance company, if they're stipulating that you require a 3621 lock, well then, might be well worth asking them, if you want this sort of flexibility, to go for a 8621. So you get the security that you would expect from the outside but from the inside you just undo the flap and out you go.

So let's get it out of the box and go through it with a bit more detail. So it comes as standard, we've got some escutcheons there, some heavy duty escutcheons, some screws. See we've got the striking plate there. Okay we've got the cylinder which is there. Okay we've got the plate, a packing plate. And then we've got the lock case. So I'm going to go through these now all each individually, and we'll see exactly how they work.

So let's get this cylinder out first. Okay let's put that all back together nice and tidy. Screws are running all over the place. So the idea is that from the outside if I put this in here now for you. So from the outside you would have a cylinder like that and that will allow you to lock and unlock a door. But on the inside you'll have this thumb turn. And you can, with this thumb turn, throw the bolt over or unlock it from inside. From outside you'd obviously need to use the keys. It comes standard with three keys. And there you go, that's me operating it with a key there, as you can see.

Now ,one of the important features to insure that you get a British standard. I know I thought was set up there. Is to, is to ensure that the cylinder can't be attacked. So they come with this particular type of set head. They come with a set of pretty heavy duty escutcheons and some fixing screws. And these escutcheons, this is the outside one. These escutcheons are designed that when you put, if I put this back in here and on. And I set that on there. That's designed to sit like that. So that is what you'll see if you have a look at that there. That's what you'll see on the outside.

Now this is the inside one and that would obviously sit then there. And then it comes then with two packing screws that screw through the, through the body of the lock. You'll see here two holes. And those screws allow you to then put a screw through, and you bolt all this up. Now what that's designed to do is that you can't physically attack the cylinder then. If you tried to snap it or you tried to hack at it, then this escutcheon is designed to reduce that effect of snapping and so forth. Of course the lock is standard, part of the British standard. It comes with an anti drill plate, you can see it here. Okay?

So the face plate is here, so it comes as standard with a face plate. I mean this is a the brass version. And if I open this up here you'll see that it has the British standard code mark there. But of course it's the British standard 8621 and not the 3621. So it has the British standard code mark. The face plate lovely, I'm sorry, the striking keep or the keep for the lock, fully bodied there as you can see. Really good, secure, okay. So that's the idea behind how this particular lock works.

So from the outside you use a key and from the inside you'll use the thumb turn. Now there is an issue with thumb turns on the inside. What it means is that if somebody broke into your house, and it's important to be aware of this, then there's nothing stopping them actually using the thumb turn to get out. So if you got glass in your door, or if there's a way of being able to get your hand in, of course that would mean that they could just put their hand in and open the door and then, and they can actually open the door then and get in. So you've got to be aware of that, all right? So it has it's uses. It has it's standards and you need to be concerned about that particular issue though. So it has a lot of uses.

So what we'll do now is get some measurements to give you some sort of idea. So we're going actually take some measurements of this lock, because I think it's quite important. Okay so we've got case height, is... what are we looking at there? 89 millimeters. We've got case depth, in this case it's 80 millimeters. This is the three inch version. Fore end height is... what do we got there? we've got 135 millimeters. The fore end width is 25 millimeters. The bolt throw, if I just put the cylinder in there, give you some sort of idea on bolt throw. Push that in through there. Just trying to find the center line, that's all. There you go. There you go. Okay the bolt throw is 22 millimeters. Bolt height is 37 millimeters. And the bolt thickness is about 10 millimeters. The case thickness here is 16 millimeters. So that gives you some sort of idea.

I'll give you a measurement on this as well, because this is obviously what you're going to see on the front. And the overall diameter on the back of that is, what do we got there? We've got 54, 53 millimeters. Okay so that's the actual diameter that's what how much it will sit so you know you need to make sure you've got enough surface area to fit that onto your door. The face plate, I'm sorry, the stiking box just give you some quick measurements on that. You've got a height there of 180 mill. You've got a width there of 30 mill. Yeah, the depth is, I mean you we'll measure the depth up there round about 25 mill.

So okay, so this is the British standard 8621 deadlock from Era, available on our website. I hope this V-T has given you the opportunity to make a considered purchase. Hopefully you buy from us. But at least you now know a little bit more about what the British standards are. And of course this particular lock in general. So I hope that's informative for you. Stay tuned or watch some new videos or come and stay at our website a little bit more. Anyway thank you very much and take care. Bye. Bye.

Era British Standard BS8621 Euro Dead Locks Satin Finish 76mm Size chart
Product Reference Case Depth (A) Backset (B) Case Height (C) Centres Forend Length (D) Forend Width (E)
L16592 76mm 56mm 89mm n/a 134mm 26mm
L16591 76mm 56mm 89mm n/a 134mm 26mm
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Customer Questions

Ask a question about the Era British Standard BS8621 Euro Escape Dead Locks:

Mark asked: "Hi,

I'm looking for a lock for my front door that I can secure from the inside using a keyless system (by turning a knob). There should also be a key hole on the outside to lock and unlock the latch. It should be a dead lock.

The door is used by multiple people coming and going each day.

I already have a nigh latch (yale) on the door, however this isn't very secure, and it is near some glass that could be broken and then opened. Above this there is a 5 lever lock.

Would this lock work for what I need? Or do you have a suggestion.

I want to be able to lock the new lock from the inside as as added level of security when I am sleeping.

Thank you."

LocksOnline said: "Hi Mark,

Yes this would be exactly what you need. Or if you want even higher security you could consider upgrading from the included cylinder to one of our high security EPS cylinders. However this is entirely optional, depending on how much of a threat there is to security in your area.

Also for a little extra info on this, it is BS8621 certified, which incorporates the insurance-rated BS3621 standards as well as the added safety feature of easy-escape which is great in the event of fire or other emergency.

If you were considering upgrading the cylinder, take a look here - https://www.locksonline.co.uk/acatalog/Locksonline-EPS-Key-and-Turn-High-Security-Euro-Cylinders.html

Many thanks for getting in touch!
Jack :)"

06/07/2015 09:38:19

Gareth asked: "Hi there,

I was wondering if you could give me a little advice....I have an single inward opening fire exit door, in a public area (it's a small studio theatre in a church basement). I'm a bit unclear as to what sort of lock should be fitted....obviously a push bar is out (the door can't be switched to open outwards).
At the moment it has a regular key lock on it that's opened during opening hours, then we have a panic bolt on it to secure the door when we're open (a member of staff sits nearby during performances and they know to open the door fully for the public in the event of an evacuation). Do you have any recommendations for this particular scenario?

Just to muddy the waters further, on emergency exits our insurers require a panic bar or "a mortice lock having specific application for emergency exit doors and which is operated from the inside by means of a conventional handle and/or thumb turn mechanism".
Any advice would be gratefuly received!

LocksOnline said: "Hi Gareth

Your insurers are correct, if you have a fire door and in your case inward opening, which is not ideal, however, if you have systems in place and you can facilitate an exit in a couple of mins. I don’t see there being a problem. Best advice would be to have a chat with the lock fire brigade.

Ideal would be to have an outward opening door.

The biggest issue is if someone does not unlock the door, by having a thumb turn lock, there is no requirement for a key to unlock. Which again is better than having a key.

Perhaps a double person approach, or a card system ‘red card on door locked’ ‘green card on door unlocked’ at least responsible persons can see that the door is unlocked and it has be confirmed by two members of staff. As long as the procedure in place is effective and works … The more automation, (outward opening – panic bar) the less chance of human error.

I would recommend if you want to change the lock for this one.


let me know your thoughts ?


02/12/2014 15:37:09

John asked: "Is it possible to have these keyed alike with a british standard yale lock?"

LocksOnline said: "Hi John,

Yes they can be keyed alike with these if you wish: https://www.locksonline.co.uk/acatalog/ERA-1730-BS8621-2004-Auto-Deadlocking-Escape-Nightlatch.html

If you'd like to place such an order, please let us know and we can get one of our locksmiths to rekey them for you :) - Jack"

02/12/2014 14:24:13

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