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Forend Length: 73mm
Forend Width: 22mm
Case Depth: 64mm, 75mm
Case Height: 38mm
Spindle: 8mm (two way action)
Finish: Nickel Plated

Gibbons 800 Flat Pattern Latch

The Gibbons 800 Mortice Latch bolt is withdrawn by lever handle from either side.... [more info]

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1212 64 mm Case, Nickel Plated

6.65 + VAT
(7.98 Including VAT)

L1217 76 mm Case, Nickel Plated

6.65 + VAT
(7.98 Including VAT)

Excellent service
David.S. - 22nd Nov 2015
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Reversible latchbolt is withdrawn by lever handle from either side.

Addional Info

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Hi, guys. Many thanks for tuning in. My name's Darrel, head of the tech team here at locksonline.co.uk. Today, we're looking at some products, and more importantly, we're looking at the Gibbons 800 Flat Panel Latch that is designed to go on internal doors, or any door that you just want to hold closed with use of either a knob or a lever handle.

This particular type of flat type lock, as to opposed to a tubular lock, as far as I am concerned, is a better choice. Some of the tubular latches can . . . it's one of these things, the cheaper you buy, the more crunchy they are. Gibbons have been around as a manufacturer for a considerable amount of years up in the Black Country, and their reputation precedes them. So, if you're thinking of wanting to get one of these then, to be honest with you, you'll get a lot of bang for your bucks in that respect -- very, very solid construction.

We would recommend that you use sprung furniture with this particular type of latch. I don't believe it's scotch sprung, so therefore you would need to have furniture that has its own springs built in. This particular type of latch comes in either a 64 millimetre case size or a 2.5 inch, or a 76. The 76 is the one that I've got here, which is 3 inch.

Now, to give you some sort of idea as to where this follower is, this is what we call the follower. This is where the spindle would actually sit into the door. This is where your handles are going to sit. But I'll get you that measurement now on this three inch version here. I'm getting that as being around about the 62 millimetre, 63 millimetres, so that's from there right to that faceplate here.

They come in a standard silver finish here. There's nothing really special about the finish. But it's all about the quality of this lock. I mean, you feel that -- you could feel that it's strong, it's built well and, again, still using brass there as the latch itself. Now, it comes standard with a keep, but what I have noticed as well though, is that these particular latches don't seem to come with any screw fixings. So, if you need some screw fixings, you may have to get your get your own screw fixings, or pop an email over and let us know that you need some screw fixings, and we'll try and farm some out for you.

We're finding now that a lot of manufacturers are not supplying screw fixings into the substrate because there's so many different types of substrates that you can fit these to — composite, uPVC, aluminium, and wood being the most common, obviously. And certain screws are used for certain applications. But there you go, there's not really much that I can say about the Gibbons 800s, other than they are a refined sort of latch. If you've got some invested in some really good quality door furniture, then, guys, you might want to invest in this is being the latch that works with that door furniture.

So, from me, I hope I've talked about everything that I could possibly talk about in regards to this latch. But listen, if there's a measurement there that you think you may need, or there's something that I haven't mentioned there, feel free to give us a call and I can get some measurement, I'll get the tape out, and by all means, I'd be more inclined to pop an email over to you. What I will do whilst we're here though, just very quickly, I'll give you some of those measurements off the fore end there. The fore end there is 75 millimetres from there to there. And if I'm right,yeah, that's standard 23 millimetres, or 24 millimetres across there.

There you go, guys. Many thanks for your time. Thanks for taking the time to have a look at this video. Short and sweet, I know. If you need any more info from me, Darrel, or any of the guys here at the team, come and pop an email over. More importantly, we'd love to see you as a customer. Take care, and chat real soon. Bye-bye.

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Customer Reviews (1)

Average review: 5.0 out of 5 stars (5.0 out of 5 stars from 1 reviews)

Reviews for Gibbons 800 Flat Pattern Latch :

Gibbons 800 Flat Pattern Latch : Lock


Date Reviewed:

5 out of 5 stars (5 out of 5 stars)

Perfect. Just what I needed.

Customer Questions

Ask a question about the Gibbons 800 Flat Pattern Latch :

Phil Young asked: "Do you stock any flat pattern latches with a backset of 49mm? Regards, Phil Young"

LocksOnline said: "Hi Phil,

How are you measuring that backset? The backset is from the front face to the centre of the follower (the square spindle hole).

The reason I ask is that 49 is not a backset I've ever seen, whereas 45mm is a 'normal' backset and is 4mm less, which is half the thickness of the spindle, so I'm wondering if you're measuring to the very back of the follower perhaps rather than the centre?

Many thanks,

22/10/2015 10:32:17

neil higgins asked: "Is there a rebate kit to suit this product?

LocksOnline said: "Hi Neil

Sadly there is no rebate available for this lock, if you let us know your application we may be able to guide you another product.

Hope this Helps

16/02/2015 19:39:10

Miss J.E. Butters asked: "Is the Gibbons 800 latch available in brass finish? If not can you obtain a latch of the same dimensions as the Gibbons 800 in a brass finish.

Many Thanks


LocksOnline said: "Hi Emma
Many thanks for your question, sadly I have checked and this latch does not come in a brass finish, which seems a bit odd. we do a similar one which is only a couple of mm out.


Please have a look at this one

23/01/2015 08:39:47

Don asked: "If using Gibbon 800 flat panel latch it appears that if using a knob with a circular base I find that the retaining screws are not positioned wide enough apart to clear the casing of the latch. It appears my only solution is to use handles with a square back plate. "

LocksOnline said: "Hi Don

Many thanks for your mail, if you plan on using bolt through furniture consider this latch


Some knobs have various screwing positions to mitigate this. but also be mindful and check if the knobs you plan on using are spring loaded or not as this would also determine the type of latch you are planing on using. Some knobs, also, have small grub screws to clamp on the spindle, this puts the load through to the inside knob. In doing so, the screw fixing to the door is not that, then important.

Hope this helps you
Many Thanks

21/12/2014 11:39:06

Alan Maybury asked: "I have been advised that I require a latch with a 75mm backset. Would you have this size in this particular catch.
Thank You
Alan Maybury"

LocksOnline said: "Hi Alan,
Take a look at these Legge tubular latches - https://www.locksonline.co.uk/acatalog/Legge-3722LK-3724LK-Tubular-Latch.html

The 95mm case versions have a 76mm backset which is the closest one we have. Hope this will be suitable for you! :)"

15/12/2014 09:19:52

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