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LocksOnline Wiring Diagram 009
This wiring diagram, shows how to connect an Enterview 5 Video Door Intercom to an External Magnet, with a timer and a push to release button.
LocksOnline Wiring Diagram 008
This wiring diagram uses a Sentry Fob receiver, timer circuit, power supply and the AV2e Winkhaus Electric Multipoint Door Lock
LocksOnline Wiring Diagram 007
This wiring diagram shows an ACT5e Electronic Keypad controlling a MVM Electronic Lock
LocksOnline Wiring Diagram 006
This wiring diagram shows the connection of a GSM Switch that through a timer circuit controls a fail safe strike release.
LocksOnline Wiring Diagram 005
This wiring diagram show the use of our GSM switch to control an electric strike release on a door.

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