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How to change the handing of the GU A-Opener Multipoint Lock
Here's a guide on how to reverse the handing of a GU multipoint lock for uPVC doors. In this guide we look at the GU A-Opener auto-locking multipoint, but this may apply for others too.
Do My Door Locks Meet Insurance Requirements?
LocksOnline tackle one of the most common and stressful concerns our customers come to us looking for help with - do your door locks comply with your insurance requirements? And if not, could they?
Can you afford not to install a wall mounted mailbox?
With identity theft on the rise, is it time to invest in a lockable wall mounted mailbox to protect your valuable documents from falling into the wrong hands? Here we look at the facts in order to evaluate the advantages of protecting your mail with a wall mounted mailbox.
A chain or not  chain? - that is the question!
Would you benefit from installing a door chain to your home? A look at the advantages of installing a door chain on your front door, and what options are available.
Give cold-callers the cold-shoulder without freezing your bank account!
Are you concerned about cold callers to your home but cannot afford the expensive intercom gadgets that are on the market? Some simple solutions to dealing with unwanted visitors.

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