By Darrel Walters

Anti Bump Cylinders

You may have heard about this phase that seems to be sweeping the UK on how to bump cylinder locks.

The type of cylinder lock that is vulnerable to bumping are the likes of Yale Type cylinders, Euro Profile Cylinders used in UPVC and Composite doors, however, it not limited to these types as the pin tumbler lock created by Linus Yale in the 1850’s is quite possibly the most used locking solution in the world today. Today there are now variations on the theme but the principle remains the same.

The principle of bumping has be known to us locksmiths for many, many years. and requires the principle of trying to bounce the pins at the shear line with in the lock at the same time applying tension to the plug.

The less the quality of the lock, or the tolerance of the cylinder in not accurate the easier the cylinder is to bump, also the older/worn the cylinder is the easier it is to bump. The UK is awash with imported cylinders where the tolerances are so big they are very easy to bounce. we know it is one of the old cliche but it is true in this case, buy the best you can afford. Further help and guidance can be asked by emailing us or giving us a call.

Mind don’t be to alarmed about this bumping phenomenon. It is not as easy as it looks and the thief must have the correct shape of key to fit in your lock before t is even possible. Then also the cut/groves on the key is also important, and then finally it is down to technique, this bumping is an art form and can take a considerable time to master the art.

The biggest concern, however, is access can be gained without in reality anyone knowing about it, your house could be broken into, bits taken and the house can be locked back up again without a trace that anyone has been there. To the naked eye that is true, however, if you know what your looking for and you have a powerful microscope. there has been known to see unique scratches on the pins within the lock that denotes the cylinder has been bumped. In reality this is never going to be down, when you trying to convince your insurance company that you did lock your doors.

Locksonline the UK preferred place to get your security online has a whole host of cylinders that will prohibit bumping , but if you need more info, pop an email over or simply give us a call.

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