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What Are The Benefits Of Keying Alike?


What is keying alike?
When a group of locks are keyed alike together, it means that one key can open any of the locks. This is the opposite of ‘keyed to differ’ locks, which would all open with separate keys. Unless stated otherwise, generally when you purchase a lock it will come in the standard ‘keyed to differ’ form.

Why is this useful?
This is very useful for a number of reasons;
1) You can have 1 key to open every lock that you have.
2) You can also have multiple locks in the same door and not have to worry about finding the right key for the right lock.
3) It will save you money on spare keys! If your locks weren’t keyed alike and you needed spare keys for 5 locks as an example, it could cost you up to £15! With all your locks keyed alike then you need just one key and you will have a spare for every lock!

How much will it cost me?
If you order from LocksOnline’s selected range of Keyed Alike lever locks our expert locksmith will key them alike FOR FREE! You will not be charged at all for this service, top brands available such as Chubb, Era, Union and Asec!

Is this the same as Master Keyed?
No, not exactly. A group of locks that have been master keyed can also consist of keyed alike locks but have been set up in such a way that a ‘master’ key can operate every lock within that group, regardless whether they are keyed alike or keyed to differ.

Are there any downsides to having my locks Keyed Alike?
Not really. Something to bear in mind is that when a group of locks are keyed alike, only 2 keys will be supplied for the entire group. This is because the original keys that come with the locks from the factory will no longer work as the levers inside have been rearranged, so all locks within the group operate from the same key. So, remember to order extra keys if you require any more than 2 for the group of locks you are ordering.

What models can I have keyed alike for free?
We currently offer free keying alike on selected sash and dead locks from the Era, Union (Chubb) and Asec range. Between these brands there are more than enough options to refit the locks in home or office, so why not take advantage of this offer and give us a call to discuss you requirements today?

Free Keying Alike only at Locks Online

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