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What is a BS3621 lock?
One of the most popular requirements for insurance policies is for BS3621 locks to be fitted, but what does this mean and how can you tell if your locks meet this standard?
[VIDEO] How to Reverse the Latch on a Yale Nightlatch
Lots of customers ask us "how can I reverse the latch on my Yale lock?" so we've put a little video guide for you to do this, so that you can get your nightlatch working on an outward opening door.
LocksOnline Wiring Diagram 010
This wiring diagram details typical wiring of an Exidor Electric Panic Bar (24v), with a DG500 Keypad & Prox Reader (12v). This means two power supplies offering two different voltages for each device.
How to Change the Code on Gatemaster Combination Locks
With the introduction of Gatemaster products to our gate lock range, we've put together a simple guide to help you change the code on your Gatemaster combination locks..
How Do Maglocks Work?
Electromagnetic locks (maglocks) are one of the most popular solutions for electrically locking doors for security and access control. But how do maglocks work?
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