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Supra 001795 Key Cabinet

  • From Only: £78.53 + VAT
  • Brand: SUPRA
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The Supra Key safe can hold up to 30 keys, being made from a heavy guage steel it's ideal for areas that need some decent security. The keyless combination lock has 1 million differs and 1 continous hinge to increase security.

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Supra 001795 Key Cabinet
£78.53 + VAT
(£94.24 inc VAT)

The Supra Key safe can hold up to 30 keys, being made from a heavy guage steel it's ideal for areas that need some decent security. The keyless combination lock has 1 million differs and 1 continous hinge to increase security.


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Safe Exterior Depth60
Safe Exterior Height299
Safe Exterior Width200
Number of Hooks30

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Hi guys, my name is Darrel, and I'm head of the tech team here at Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a look at one of our product review videos.

Today we're talking about key cabinets and more importantly, we're talking about a key cabinet that has a combination chain as you can see here on the product. Now this is a great little small product if you've got...if you're wanting to put some keys in safe storage, like an M or T station or small little garage and you want to make sure that the general public don't have access. Instead of having to carry a key around with you, you can actually use a combination and that will keep it all secure. Garage four cord, etc. you've got a bunch of keys.

Now this particular key box, it can hold up to 35 bunches of keys. And it comes exactly with all the hooks that you will need here in this little bag here that allows you to hook them on inside. Now to open this, it's actually in the open state at this moment in time. And you can see all the little hooks there, and you've got the ID marks in there. There's also a bag of numbers as well, sticky numbers that you can put on and you can create a reference in respect to that.

Now it also has the change instructions as you can see here. The construction is quite solid. I'm quite impressed with the actual construction of this. This isn't thin plate. It's relatively sturdy. So that's quite interesting to know. And of course you've got some fixings there which would allow you to bolt it on the wall.

Now it doesn't come with fixings, so you would need to get some fixings yourself. Probably some raw bolts or some screws, maybe a brown wall plug and go for a size ten screw, etc. So we've got some hooks in all here. And of course, like I've said, the key advantage with this is that you don't need a key with which to open and close it.

Now I've got a tape measure here, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to get some measurements for you to give you some sort of idea that you think, "Well, you know, this is really what we're looking for. We love the idea of the combination. Let's see if it'll fit, or whether or not it'll hold the amount of keys that you want to be looking to want to do."

So I have a tape measure here, in behind here and let's get an overall width on this key cabinet here. And we're talking here, 200 millimetres wide, and we're talking there, height-wise we're talking 300 millimetres high. And the depth of this box is 60 millimetres deep. Now we've also got the size, what I will do as well is I'll just measure just the inside there as well. Give you some sort of idea as the size of the aperture should you need it, and that is 255 millimetres.

I'm quite impressed with the construction of this, I've got to be honest with you. It's relatively solid construction in respect to that, and it comes there with standard pin hinged on the side there that you can see. Of course you can change the combination to suit whatever combination that you want and you do that through the instructions that are situated in the back here. And if I hold that open, maybe you can zoom in there and have a look at those instructions. And if you're thinking that you want to change it or maybe you have this and you've lost those instructions, then guys, of course you can by all means, have a read about what it says there.

So there you go guys. It's available on our website, along with thousands and thousands of other security products that we have available. But by all means, if you need a bit more information on this product or any of our products on our site, by all means, give us a shout. Use email, we can live chat on our site now so you can talk to us via our live chat totally free, and you can either talk to me or any of the guys in sales team. Either way, we'd love to hear from you and more importantly, we'd love to see you as a customer.

From me, Darrel, and all of us here at the Locks Online team, thanks for tuning in, and hopefully we catch up with you real soon. Take care now. Bye-bye now.

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