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If you're looking for work, then check out our current job vacancies below!  Think you have the right skills for the job?  Let us know!  We want to hear from you!

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Position: Website Content Editors

Job Description: 

Locksonline are looking for e-commerce content editors - is this a job for you ?

Products listed on our websites ( and need to have glossary of written content to give information on the product, its uses, application, specification etc.

We are looking for a team of content editors that can help us achieve outstanding information on the products we sell.

We feel the main criteria for application is:-

- Quick typewriting skills 40 to 50 WPM
- High Level of English Grammar
- Have a knowledge and understanding of some if not all the product ranges we sell.
- Basic web skills on how websites work (training can be given)
- The ability to translate manufactures data in a way that our customers can understand and relate to.

Working Hours and Location:

With the internet our workers can be anywhere in the world, you no longer need to come to an office to work and we can quite easily work via the likes of Skype with anyone, anywhere. Hours of work are up to you and we will pay by the hour for the hours of qualified generated content created.

If you like the idea of flexible working hours, work from anywhere in the world why not pop a CV over to and lets get chatting

What We think 

People who we think may be eligible for this post is a person who have or have had experience in 

  1. Locksmithing 
  2. Architectural Ironmongery 
  3. Kitchen Fitting and Design 
  4. Access Control 
  5. Multilock Door Industry
  6. or product specific knowledge 

Good Luck!

The LocksOnline Team

The LocksOnline Team


Head of the tech team, and locksmith of 25+ years


Specialises in Ironmongery & Door Furnishing


Deals with Sales on the website


Deals with Sales on the .com website


Ensures day-to-day logistics run smoothly


Keeps our workshop running smoothly


Our web developer and content manager

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